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Misconceptions about spray tanning that you shouldn’t fall for.

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Tanning has been a preferred choice of beauty treatment around the globe. People love to have that golden and bronzed tone on their skin as it gives them a youthful appearance. While the current tanning methods have evolved due to modern techniques, a majority of people restore to traditional tanning. In traditional tanning, one has to bask under the sun to allow the UV rays to penetrate the skin. However, uncontrolled exposure to UV rays can cause substantial damage to the skin cells. Compared to sun tanning, modern tanning techniques offered at spray tanning salons near you are much safer.

Spray tanning offers quick results and is entirely safe to use. Even then, people often question the efficiency of spray tanning. In this blog, we have uncovered the truth behind some common misconceptions about spray tanning.

#1 Spray Tan Leaves an Orange Tan

While discovering more about spray tanning, you might have come across people who say that spray tanning leaves the skin look orange. Many people choose other tanning methods as they think that spray tan will turn their skin orange. However, it’s not true. In spray tanning, you can select the tan shade and customize the shade as per your needs. When going for a spray tan, also inquire about the shades available with them. Also, make sure the shade you choose compliments your skin type and tone.

#2 They look uneven

The chances of color runoff are less in spray tan as the solution is sprayed on to the skin at high speed. This prevents uneven or blotchy tan patches. If you are getting a spray tan for the first time, let a professional aesthetician do the job. Handling spray tan applicator requires expertise, and only professional knows how to achieve even tan. They also use various techniques to ensure the solution dries quickly without leaving uneven patches. For an even and natural-looking tan on the palms, heels, toes, and cuticles, first, apply the lotion to moisturize the skin

#3 Spray Tanning can get Messy

Many people upon the idea of spray tanning as they believe it to be messy. Spray tanning can get messy if you don’t know how to operate the applicator or mix the solution. Thus, one should always rely on professional aestheticians. Some tanning salons use modern spray tanning tools like airbrushes as they offer effective results. So, instead of trying spray tanning on your own, you should visit the closest tanning booth.

#4 Spray Tan Results Don’t Last Long

People who look for tanning solutions prefer methods that offer them longer-lasting results. A majority of people are of the opinion that spray tan fades fast, and thus, it’s not worth the efforts. However, how long a tan will last depends upon various factors. From your skin type to the tan’s before-after care, everything determines your tan’s lifespan. Even if you have used the highest quality of tan solution but didn’t prepare your skin for the process, the tan will quickly wash. …